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Libby Mae’s Little Angels – PReach PR support tiny lives

PReach PR help Libby Mae’s Little Angels spread the word

Hi – Becca here. I’m the director of PReach PR and hope that before you scroll past this post, you’ll take a moment to learn a little about our connection to Libby Mae’s Little Angels.

This blog post is extremely personal to me.

In October 2014, my little girl Minnie was born 6 weeks premature, weighing a tiny 3lb 12oz.

I went into the hospital for a routine check and ended up having my precious little girl there and then. Having gone to the hospital on my own, it was all a bit of a whirlwind to me, and an experience I will never forget. Minnie had stopped growing at 29 weeks, and, had I not gone into the hospital that day, Minnie probably wouldn’t be here.

Thankfully, Minnie was in the best possible hands at Walsall Manor’s neonatal unit. Having spent a week in NICU, she was home with us. Needless to say, I will be forever indebted to the staff at Walsall Manor NICU – it’s for this reason that I have decided that PReach PR will proactively help Midlands based charity Libby Mae’s Little Angels in their efforts to grant much needed equipment and assistance to neonatal units throughout the region.

Helping Libby Mae's Little Angels

About Libby Mae’s Little Angels

Since its foundation in 2013, Libby Mae’s Little Angels has raised over £200,000 which has funded things like:

  • An extra baby ventilator for Hereford Hospital, costing £16,500
  • A makeover for Heartlands Hospital’s parent rooms
  • Two parent recliner chairs for Warwick Hospital
  • A new breastfeeding chair for Good Hope Hospital
  • New, comfortable parent seating at Worcester Royal Hospital
  • iPad technology into neonatal units across the Midlands
  • Mother’s Day and Christmas presents to those with babies in Neonatal care,
  • £35,000 towards a new transport incubator for the region
  • Money towards new infusion pumps
  • And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Libby Mae’s Little Angels, as a charity, was started in 2013 following the devastating loss of founder Charlotte Sharratt’s daughter, Libby Mae. Charlotte and her husband subsequently now work tirelessly to see that the charity is making a difference to tiny lives, and they are truly THE MOST inspirational people I have ever met.

Our wish, in helping Libby Mae’s Little Angels, is to highlight the plight of these tiny lives, and the work that Libby Mae’s Little Angels do to support babies and families in Neonatal care.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. If you would like to read more about Libby Mae’s Little Angels, click here.

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