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Yogurt Top Marketing Digital Media
Yogurt Top Marketing Digital Media

Digital PR

The information age is upon us – and there’s no hiding away from it if you want your business to be ‘future proof’. Modern PR is no longer just about sending out a press release to print like it was 10 years ago. Here at PReach, we ensure that your business in taking the internet by the reins too via content marketing, social media integration, blogger outreach and SEO optimised press releases and blogs. We allow your news to be used as conversation between your business and consumers that rely on online news outlets, blogs and more for their daily dose of information.

Digital PR encompasses repurposing content in press releases to be transformed into a blog, presentation, newsletter, infographic and more – It’s the modern day way to content marketing success. Don’t forget, you need to have your website content replicating what your press releases are saying too.

Just like content writing, SEO should be incorporated into your PR efforts, along with social media. Sharing is caring, and the more you can get out of a single press release, the better – so ensure you are staying ahead of the game!

All sound a bit daunting? Digital PR can be very time consuming for businesses, and can often be hard to keep up with. Here at PReach, with the help of our social media expert partners at Yogurt Top Marketing, our group of marketing specialists will guide you through every single process to ensure you are making the most of your digital PR and social media opportunities, all under one roof.
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