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Yogurt Top Marketing Digital Media

PR Plans

When you sign up for PR services with PReach, we start our journey to greatness with you by creating one of our ‘proven results’ PR Plans. Our concise PR Plans are created to clearly define the goals and objectives that you want to achieve from our PR services. Below we have briefly described our tried-and-tested PR plan structure.

PReach’s PR planning process is the very first thing we get our teeth stuck into, to ensure that our efforts and results are exactly what your business brand is looking for. The PR plans are reviewed every 3 months to allow for changes in the industry or your business.

PR and Communications planning

Step One: Researching your business and its industry
1 – Analysing your current situation
2 – Analysing your business, brand or organisation
3 – Analysing your target audience

Step Two: PR Planning
1 – Ensuring we are aware of your goals and objectives
2 – Putting together our action plan and targets
3 – Designing effective communication voice

Step Three: The tactical approach
1 – Finalising our communication tactics
2 – Implementing your PR plan

Step Four: Finding your best angles
1 – Creating a variety of story ideas or campaign ideas to move forward with
2 – Appraise the PR plan, and achieve sign-off from you, the client, before getting our boots laced and ready to start rocking and rolling with your new PR team!

As we mentioned before, here at PReach we are driven by results. Our professional PR plans allow our clients to rest safe in the knowledge that their PR efforts will achieve results, and their individual business goals will be met.

If you would like to discuss how our PR plans can work for you, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01543 439 239, or pop into our offices for a coffee. Our doors are always open!
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