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Yogurt Top Marketing Digital Media

Crisis Management

When your business finds itself in a bit of a pickle (and let’s be honest, it’s not often that you expect it to!), PReach are on hand to help guide you through the crisis in the best way possible.

When you aren’t prepared for a potential PR or social media crisis, you run the risk of being caught out, and can lose a lot of business overnight – and none of us want that. It’s very rare that we take on a client who is being proactive when preparing for a potential PR crisis, and we often get the call to put on our shining armour once the PR crisis is underway and the debilitating effects on the business are being published in the press and online.

When disaster hits your business, the way that you take control of your PR crisis management is key to bouncing straight back. Our team here at PReach are on hand 24/7, 365 days a year to help guide you through the whirlwind that is a PR crisis. The PReach specialists have an incredible track record when it comes to PR crisis situations, and once your crisis is averted and you have your business back under control, PReach will work with you to restore your reputation and re-establish your trust with journalists, bloggers, stakeholders and whomever else is deemed relevant to your business.

Our proactive PR crisis management service involves: pre-empting all potential PR crisis situations and putting together a strategy, which can be implemented immediately, should the worst happen.

Our reactive PR service includes: preparing a strategy to deal with the PR crisis, evaluating risk levels of all potential outcomes, implementing statements and spokes people, and finally, preparing a strategy following a crisis in order to restore trust and reputation.

About to experience a PR crisis? Want to protect yourself from a potential PR crisis to come? Contact us immediately on 1543 439 239 and we will guide you through it – We promise.
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