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The UK’s first mental wellbeing subscription box for the mind launches!

What good is a great body without a healthy mind? We’re honored to be assisting Dr Samantha Birch and marketing mogul Rachael Field in helping the UK take control of their mental wellbeing, as well as their physical being, with the launch of their new subscription package; Distraction Box.

Mental wellbeing is just as important as looking after your physical self, but few people realise the implications of ignoring just what your brain needs to de-stress and relax.  Ensuring that your brain gets the care it needs is the key to a happy, healthy lifestyle, and the clever ladies behind Distraction Box want people to realise just how important mental wellbeing is – just like eating right and exercising often, taking care of your brain should be at the top of your list too.

The UK's first mental wellbeing subscription box - Distraction Box

PReach PR are excited to help the lovely ladies at Distraction Box to launch the first mental wellbeing subscription service in the UK!

Rachael Field and Dr Samantha Birch officially launched their subscription-based Distraction Box on the 1st of October 2016, and have already had a huge amount of registered interest in the UK’s first wellbeing box service for the mind.  Distraction Box contains products that are carefully selected to give customers a diversion from the monotony of daily life as well as to remind them that it is OK to take a break from everything – in fact, the whole purpose of the subscription based service is to encourage people to actively take time out to care for their mental health.

Rachael Field, co-founder of Distraction Box said, “We want to help the people of UK to manage their stressful lives by giving them the tools to happily distract their mind and give themselves some self-love – and it helps focus the mind too! You can’t achieve total wellness unless you work on both mental and physical wellbeing – something Sam & I are extremely passionate about.  The great British public are starting to become more in tune with their physical health, but lag behind other countries like Australia when it comes to taking care of the mind.  We want to change that and we hope Distraction Box will be the start of something really exciting”.

Whilst conversations are being had in the media about mental wellbeing, people are still frightened of the stigma that can potentially be attached to the phrase ‘mental health’ and are not actively seeking ways to improve their own mental health. Whilst it’s widely believed that ‘mental health’ is a term reserved for those who suffer with depression, anxiety and similar issues, in reality, it is often the disregard for mental wellbeing that can lead to such tormenting health problems. In other cases, as is the case with Co-director Dr Samantha Birch, it’s genetic. The reality is that taking care of your mind, whether you already have mental health issues or not, is key to a great lifestyle, and even your work life can improve by taking care of your mental wellbeing.

The contents of the subscription boxes are made up of little delights that have been hand-picked by the business owners to be delivered monthly. Expect things such as colouring books, pocket games, face masks, edible treats such as mug brownie mixes, candles, herbal teas, seed bombs and more. Everything inside the box has some sort of mind-refuelling advantage, whether that be a physical distraction from day to day life, something small to treasure as a gift, or an indulgence to say ‘I have conquered today, well done me!’.

Distraction Box aims to simplify the way in which people tackle their mental wellbeing, and release the tensions that everyday life can have on your mind. The entrepreneurial pair hope that their launch, which happened just before World Mental Health Day on the 10th of October, will prove to Brits that taking the time out for yourself is nothing to be ashamed of, and people should take the time to learn to treat themselves to regular self-love and indulgence sessions.

A monthly subscription from Distraction Box is £19.95, three months is £55.95 and 6 month subscription is £99.95.

To see more from Distraction Box, visit www.distractionbox.co.uk

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