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Yogurt Top Marketing Digital Media
Yogurt Top Marketing Digital Media

Client ROI tops just under £1million in the first quarter of 2016

We kicked off 2016’s PR campaigns with PReach PR in style, with two back to back events with the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger.  From then on, we have worked with some amazing projects in a variety of different sectors.

We are super proud of our ‘tiny but mighty’ team and their passion for what they do.  The proof really is in the pudding and for us there’s no better proof of success than client return on investment.  During the first quarter of 2016, our team managed to achieve an astonishing Advertising Equivalent Value for our clients in excess of £950,000, giving them a total ROI of…

….Pull out the PR drum roll please…..


Pretty impressive eh!


Click the links below to view some of our favourite coverage picks:

NEW! Magazine : http://www.new-magazine.co.uk/news/view/76843/Arnold-Schwarzenegger-in-cycling-mishap/

The BIP : http://www.thebiponline.co.uk/bip/boost-in-city-developments-great-news-for-uk-manufacturers/

Academy Today : http://academytoday.co.uk/Article/three-quarters-of-parents-not-aware-of-green-benefits

Edge Magazine: http://www.edgemagazine.org/popular-birmingham-pub-joins-forces-with-pubaid-to-raise-vitalfunds-for-charity.html

The Sun : http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/woman/7028473/Demand-for-tights-wears-thin-as-women-don-sexy-stockings.html


Through our hard work, dedication, and incredible clients, we have proved that PR is still an essential part of a business’s marketing efforts. From small business to large manufacturing organisations, we are here to make promoting your company as easy and pain free as possible. Remember, ‘advertising is saying that you’re good. PR is getting everyone to believe it’.


Toodle-pip… We’re off to celebrate!


P.S. Want to get in on the action? Our PR packages are built around your requirements. Whether you’re based in Birmingham, London, Manchester or a quaint little village somewhere delightful – give us a call to see how you can start to reap the benefits of a great PR team too.

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