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Yogurt Top Marketing Digital Media
Yogurt Top Marketing Digital Media

A gift? For us? – PReach PR invest in NEW news monitoring software!

Happy new year everyone! We all hope you enjoyed your festive break.

We are delighted to announce that, due to the incredible year we had in 2016, we’d treat ourselves, and our loyal clients to a new listening and monitoring software to further extend the services we offer!

We’re now using Meltwater and Precise media monitoring to kick-start 2017!

For those of you who have never heard of Meltwater, it’s an advanced media and news delivery and monitoring tool. Monitoring conversations across news outlets is a crucial part of the ‘Yogurt Top Method’, part of our model of digital and traditional PR and marketing service alongside our sister company, Yogurt Top Marketing.

Our use of Meltwater involves listening out for and analysing conversations about your target audiences, affiliates, industry influencers and competitors. It’s important to understand what people are saying about topics relevant to your brand or industry, as this will influence what you decide to talk about, and when!

What’s amazing about Meltwater is that it uses Boolean Query when you are searching for keywords or hashtags. Boolean uses a set of rules called syntaxes to determine the relationship between different keywords.

The beauty of this query method allows you to include multiple variations and exclusions of keywords so your search results are very accurate. For example, we want to track all mentions in the news of one of our celebrity clients, Will Mellor:

Meltwater also stores data. This is great for new clients because we can backtrack by one year, and analyse conversations and news articles that have already been published. Historical insight means we do not have to wait for the conversations to occur, we can already identify social media and news trends for a particular industry or target audience niche.

Furthermore, Meltwater is a fantastic tool for sourcing influencers in the form of journalists, editors and bloggers. Again, we use Boolean Query to refine results and Meltwater gives us their social media profiles which we can then add to lists before building and nurturing relationships. More coverage from reputable sources means more external links to your website which in turn influences your ranking within search engine results for specific keywords or keyphrases.

In a nut shell, PReach PR now can accurately monitor social media conversations and news articles using numerous filters such as location, source and language to identify trending topics, monitor brand mentions (very useful if a post does include a social media handle), measure brand sentiment and source a list of influencers to amplify brand content. We are now offering example monitors for all prospects. Get in touch with us today to see what the world is saying about your brand or industry.

2017 is going to be our best year yet!

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